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The Traveller de Luxe S is a portable typewriter manufactured by the Olympia Corporation in Yugoslavia. It is a mechanical machine where a hammer strikes a cloth ribbon to transfer the impression to paper.

This typewriter became popular because it was small and yet had the same features as a full sized machine. It has wonderful line setting and spacing features that were usually available only on larger full-sized machines. You could have a single space, one and a half space, and double space. Double spaced lines are much easier to read, and people usually used this setting when typing their degree thesis.

These typewriters are incredibly reliable, as the majority of the components are made of die-cast metal that lasts almost forever. These machines have been operating longer than their designers intended, and often in much harsher conditions, yet they continue to operate providing the same performance. They require very little servicing apart from a general clean and lubrication.

Fully functional typewriter available with its original case.

Only for those who love to own a vintage artifact as this is actually a vintage model with its actual paint and no sort of repainting done on it. So incase you are looking for something brand new then unfortunately this is not meant for you.

Shipping and GST charges would be additional, you can reach us at 9717286645 for more details and product videos.


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