Our Collaboration with

Jove Conscious Foundation

Our Partnership Philosophy

Our commitment to partnering with Jove Conscious Foundation is rooted in the belief that collaboration is the key to creating a better world. We recognize the expertise, passion, and resources that JCF brings to the table. By joining forces with them, we can collectively work towards achieving our shared goals and making a meaningful impact.

Amplifying Impact

JCF are on the front lines, dedicated to addressing a wide range of critical issues, from environmental conservation and healthcare to education and social justice. By partnering with NGOs, we can amplify our efforts and significantly contribute to the causes we deeply care about.


Expertise and Resources

JCF possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective fields. They bring insights, networks, and on-the-ground expertise that are invaluable in driving real change.


Enhanced Reach

JCF partnership provides us with access to a broader and more diverse audience, enabling us to engage with individuals who are passionate about the same causes. Together, we can reach and inspire more people to get involved and make a difference.

about Jove conscious foundation

Jove Conscious Foundation (JCF) is an NGO relentlessly working towards the overall development of women and the causes related to them. It was established in the year 2015 under Section-8 of Companies Act by a group of committed individuals with high valour and ambition to build an equal society for all. This was aimed to create a nest where women can feel safe, empowered and confident.

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Impact on the society

JCF is selflessly committed towards the socio-economical and environmental issues.

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